E2 Ultra light Wireless Earphone Bone Conduction Earhooks Long Battery IPX5 Waterproof Fitness Sport Headset with Mic for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


1. AIR CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY - Our air conduction technology and OpenFit design delivers music through your auricle
2. FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT EARPHONES - with the 180-degree rotation and 360-degree fat folding make it smaller and more convenient to carry.
3. LONG BATTERY LIFE - Allows you to enjoy continuous music and calls for six hours at a time.
4. HIGH SENSITIVE MICROPHONE - New structure design reduces the leakage of sound;built-in microphone; DSP noise reduction; 
5. WATERPROOF IPX5 RATING EARPHONES- Watertight seal that makes the headphones protected against sweat and rain
6. bluetooth CONNECTIVITY - bluetooth V4.2 connectivity and convenient multipoint pairing compatible with your iOS and Android Devices

Basic Information

Model: E2
Speaker Type: Air conduction technology speaker, 0.5W Double speaker
Exterior Size: Headset 16x25x22mm ,Battery case: 14x60x6mm, Control case: 10x52x6mm 
Equipment Weight: Headset: 3g, Overall: 18g
Exterior Color: Gray/Red/Black
Play Time: Up to 6 hours
Standby Time: Up to 10 days
Fully Charging Time: 1.8 hours
Effective Range: 10M
bluetooth version: V4.2

Hardware parameters:

Main chip: bluetooth master IC AB1522S QFN5*5
Frequent work break: ISM Band(2.402-2.480GHZ)
Transmit power: Class2 (-6dbm-4dbm)
BT protocol: A2DPV1.3 AVRCPV1.5 HFPV1.6 HSPV1.2 
Receiving Sensitivity: 88dBm
Frequency Range: 20-20K Hz
Mic: Silicon wheat sensitivity -45+/-3db
Impedance: 32Ω
Battery: 110mA

Package Included:

1x Open Ear Wireless Air Conduction Headphones