Hantek Digital LCR Meter Portable Handeld Inductance Capacitance Resistance Measurement Tester Tools for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Digital Multimeters & Oscilloscope

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Product Specification

the model marked on product name has been changed since 2020/08/28
 old   â†’  new
TO11 = 1832C
TO22 = 1833C


2.8 inch TFT LCD,Switch between Chinese and English
HD display,dual display of measurement data,the result is clear
Support data re cord analysis
Support PC upper computer,easy to control and measure remotely
Test lead:3 end/5 end switch
Measuring speed:high speed/intermediate speed/low speed switch
Range:support manual/auto switch and easy to do quick measurement
LCR adopted rechargeable design,Large capacity lithium battery,super standby
Double shock protection sleeve,allround protection,shakeproof,fallarrest,protect
the machine from damage,longer use time, more comfortable measurement
Bracket design,easy to put and measure

Package included:

1 x Hantek LCR Meter Kit

Details pictures: