New Computer Monitor 3 5 inch Kit IPS TYPE C Type Secondary Screen CPU GPU RAM HDD Combination Set for Sale with BTC on


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Display Screen

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Product Specification

Please note that only applies to windows system!

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3.5 inch secondary screen driver (English):



- Only a USB type-c cable to make it work, don't need HDMI cable
- Support Windows only
- Use own software, not AIDA64
- Support horizontal and vertical screen switching,360°rotation
- Energy saving and environmental protection
- Turn off the screen automatically after shutdown
- Comfortable eye protection
- Brightness stepless adjustment
- The type-c connect to the secondary screen, USB connect to the computer, come with one meter cable
- Professional software,one-click operation
- Change background image with one click
- One-click switch theme
- Adjust brightness
- Auto-start at boot
- Set weather forecast of city


Appearance size: 55×85mm
Display area: 49×74mm
Resolution: 320×480
Thickness: 8mm
Viewing angle: IPS full viewing angle
Interface: USB Type-c interface
Frame material: black metal

Package Included:

1 x 3.5-inch Display Screen kit (optional)