Semiconductor Refrigeration Kit DIY Freezer Small Air Conditioner Water cooled 12V 120W Mini Refrigerator System Set for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Name: Semiconductor Double Cold Head Refrigerator

power: 120W 12V 10A

Product size: 98*60*46MM

Fan: 40mm

Product use: small space cooling, learning the principle of semiconductor refrigeration, pet air conditioning, etc.

Note: It cannot be used directly as an air conditioner, semi-finished semiconductor DIY components. This kit is all installed and ready to use after wiring. Regarding the size of the cooling space, you need to test yourself to get the results.

Package includes:

(There are two options)

Type1: 1 x Cooler Only


1 x Cooler

1 x Amphibious Circulating Water Pump

1 x Power

1 x Cooling Drain