Original 50kHz 6 3GHz LiteVNA 2 8 Display Vector Network Analyzer HF VHF UHF Antenna for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


- LiteVNA integrates on top of the acclaimed NanoVNA and SAA2. Now you can get a portable vector network analyzer (VNA) that is as small as the NanoVNA and has the ultra-wide measurement range of 50kHz-6.3GHz.
- In order to reduce power consumption and volume as much as possible, LiteVNA only uses one mixer, and can measure S11 and S21 through internal RF switch switching, and can measure TDR and DTF after IFFT calculation.
- The design of LiteVNA fully considers the opinions of the community. In addition to a wider measurement range, the current LiteVNA also brings faster scanning speed and more scanning points. Combined with the easy-to-use operation interface consistent with NanoVNA, it can now be very It is convenient to use LiteVNA as a tool for field testing.
- LiteVNA includes MicroSD slot, you can save field test data or screen to MicroSD card at any time. The measurement range up to 6.3GHz can not only meet common amateur radio and IoT applications, but also cope with emerging 5GHz tests, and can apply the latest 5.8GHz wifi and 5.8GHz image transmission.




Frequency range

50kHz ~ 6.3GHz


System dynamic range


f < 3GHz, calibrated


f >= 3GHz, calibrated

S11 noise floor


f <3GHz, calibrated


f >= 3GHz, calibrated

Frequency stability


0℃ - 50℃

Sweep rate

>550 points/s


Sweep points (on device)

10 ~ 1001 points, adjustable


Sweep points (USB)

1 ~ 1024 points, adjustable


Power supply

USB, 5V±0.5V 600mA MAX

LiteVNA 62

USB, 5V±0.5V 1A MAX

LiteVNA 64


Li-polymer 3.7V 1300mAh

LiteVNA 62

Li-polymer 3.7V 2000mAh

LiteVNA 64

Operation ambient temperature

-10℃ ~ 50℃

The battery performance decreases below 0 â„ƒ.

RF connectors

SMA female



2.8”TFT LCD (320×240)

LiteVNA 62

3.95”TFT LCD (480×320)

LiteVNA 64

Packaging includes:

LiteVNA host (with 1300mAh battery, 2.8"display) x 1
USB Type-C data cable x1
30cm SMA male to male SS405 RF cable x2
SMA male calibration kit - OPEN x1
SMA male calibration kit - SHORT x1
SMA male calibration kit - LOAD x1
SMA female to female connector x1