LILYGO T8 C3 ESP32 C3 Development Board Wifi Bluetooth V5 0 Wireless Module Supports TF with 3D Antenna for Sale with BTC on


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Motherboard & Development Board

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Product Specification

Product Specifications:

* Brand Name: Lilygo

* Type: T8-C3

* T8-C3: H567

* Weight: 25/40g

* Dimensions: 63*26*4.5mm

* MCU: ESP32-C3

* Features: Development board wireless module

* ESP32-C3: WIFI 2.4 Bluetooth V5.0

* Programming Platform: EPS-IDF

Package Include:

2 Types(T8-C3/T8-C3+T-U2T)can be choosed and each contains different items.

①T8-C3: 1*T8-C3, 2*PH2.54Pin(1*15P), 1*JST 1.25mm 2P

â‘¡T8-C3+T-U2T: 1*T8-C3, 2*PH2.54Pin(1*15P), 1*JST 1.25mm 2P, 1*T-U2T