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Motherboard & Development Board

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Product Specification


Raspberry Pi Pico is a convenient, flexible, and easy-to-use open source electronics prototyping platform.
Positioned as a high-performance single-chip controller, it is committed to solving the deficiencies in the field of hardware control, which Raspberry Pi is not good at, and is an important part of complementing the functional ecology of Raspberry Pi products.
As a lower computer, it can support Raspberry Pi, PC side (including Windows system, Linux system, Mac system) and other development platforms. It has rich GPIO and peripheral resource support. Its overall development system includes hardware circuit board and officially provided SDK (software development kit).
It supports the development of multiple programming languages ​​such as python, C, and C++, and has excellent cross-platform portability.


Product Name: Raspberry Pi Pico
Product size: 51mm*21mm
Control chip: RP2040 (ARM Cortex M0+ dual-core 133MHz processor 264KSRAM)
Flash: 2MByte
USB port type: Micro-USB
Power supply mode: USB-5V, vSYS-1.8V-5.5V
Supply voltage: 5V
Output voltage: 5V/3.3V
GPIO level: 3.3V
Working current: not more than 300mA
Working temperature: -20℃~80℃
Number of pins: 40 pins
ADC accuracy: 12-bit 500KPS ADC
Development language: MicroPython, C, C++
Burning method: recognized as mass storage drag-and-drop download
Development environment: visual Studio Code, Eclipse

Package includes:

1 x Raspberry Pi Pico
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