6 Port Ethernet Switch POE Network Switch Ethernet Splitter 10/100Mbps 250m 48V Transmission Network for Wireless AP Monitor Camera Router for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Network Switches

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Product Specification


1. Model: POE204D

2. Color: black

3. Transmission rate: 10Mbps / 100Mbps

4. Equipment type: 5 + 2 POE switch

5. Number of ports: 6 ports

6. Case material: metal

7. Power supply voltage: 220 V

8. Poe output voltage: 48V

9. Power supply: 65W

10. Backplane bandwidth: 1.2G

11. Maximum transmission distance: 250m

12. Size: 130*87*27mm


1. Comply with IEEE802.3 Ethernet and iee802.3u Fast Ethernet protocol standards.

2. IEEE802.3X full duplex flow control and backpressure half duplex flow control.

3. Back plum blossom wall hanging mouth design, simple and easy to hang, firm and reliable.

Package Includes:

1* POE switch

1* Power adapter

1* English Instruction Manual