SUNKKO 5A with Shell Current Ternary Iron Lithium Battery 4 24 Series Active Balance Plate Pressure Difference Balance Capacity Repair Protection Restorer for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

Features and advantages:

1. Nano amorphous isolated fully symmetrical transformer ensures the minimum voltage difference:

2. American ultra-low internal resistance MOS devices constitute an ultra-low dynamic impedance inverter circuit. Achieve high power balance;

3. The control and management of intelligent MCU chip realize automatic self balancing;

4. Automatically detect the minimum voltage of the battery, stop working when the battery energy is low, and protect the battery from power loss;

5. Overcurrent fuse resistance at each series input end to ensure safety;

6. With automatic / manual trigger dual mode;

7. Manual forced equalization timing off function, easy to use.

8. Miniature circuit breaker device for over temperature and over-current protection, control the instantaneous abnormal excessive current, disconnect at over temperature, protect the normal and continuous balance of the battery pack.

Package Included:

1 X 
504A Active Balance Board

1 X 513A Active Balance Board

1 X 524A Active Balance Board

1 X 824A Active Balance Board

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