YEELIGHT YLXD76YL 320 Upgraded Version 23W AC220V Smart LED Ceiling Light Adjustable Brightness Voice Intelligent Control Work With Apple Homekit for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Item: Yeelight 320 LED Ceiling Light (Upgraded Version)
Model: YLXD76YL
Shape: Round
Product Size: Φ320 X 73mm
Color Temperature: 2700K, 6500K
Application Area: 15-20 square meters
Color Rendering Index: whole lamp Ra95 @ 4000K
Rated Power: 23W
Rated input: 220V 50/60Hz 0.2A
Support platform: Android 4.4 & iOS 9.0 and above
Wireless connection: WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2BLE
Intelligent Interaction: Intelligent dimmer switch, Remote control, Voice control, APP control
The remote control is powered by CR2032 button battery (battery not included)

- Support Mijia and homekit
Smart LED ceiling light (upgraded version) supports access to Mijia and homekit, multiple smart interactions, ceiling lights can also become fun.
- You can also customize exclusive personalized scenes, link more smart hardware products, and explore new smart home gameplay together with global Homekit products.
- It can also be linked with the Mijia smart home to bind the ceiling light to your Xiaomi bracelet. The ceiling light will determine whether to turn off the light according to your sleep state, so as to automatically turn off the light when you fall asleep.
- Bright as the sun and dark as the moon
The light and darkness can be adjusted in cold and warm. In summer, cool white light is used to bring pleasant and comfort, and in winter, warm yellow light is used to make the room warm. Create a cozy atmosphere all year round.
- Moonlight night light, soft light with sleep
Smart LED ceiling light (upgraded version), brings the 
pleasant and the moon back to the noisy world. Ultra-low brightness, just like a full moon, care for your immature eyes, say goodbye to glare, use gentle light to say good sleep, good light, and good health.
- Gently push the sliding lock, easy installation and removal
The newly designed coupler quick-install module, no matter whether it is newly installed, reinstalled, cleaned or DIY, gently push it into place. No longer have to worry about installing the ceiling lamp and cleaning, push the sliding lock button gently, install and disassemble, it becomes so simple, good light and convenient
- Efficient heat dissipation
Choose high-quality lamp beads, carefully design the lamp bead arrangement plan, the light is more uniform and pure; the whole aluminum base lamp board improves the heat dissipation efficiency, enhances the life of the lamp beads, reduces the light decay, and the efficient heat dissipation is more stable.
- Faithful color rendering, illuminate the true color world
With 240 high rendering index lamp beads, the color rendering index (Ra) of the whole lamp is as high as 95, which restores the real natural light and effectively eliminates the visual impact caused by the low color rendering index; whether the baby's graffiti or the mother's makeup, it is faithfully displayed Color, illuminate the real world for you, so light, so beautiful.
- Long-term safety starts with real materials
The high-quality copper shrapnell and the all-aluminum base enhance the safety of the ceiling lamp in an all-round way; The ceiling lamp (upgraded version), integrates nearly 450 components, has gone through 96 processes, from R&D material selection to production, comparable to the quality standards of mobile phones.
- Multiple control modes, more convenient operation
Enjoy the smart light in control
Smart LED ceiling light (upgraded version) supports the following control methods and supports mainstream voice platforms on the market, giving you a more convenient operating experience.

Package included:
1 x LED Ceiling Light
1 x Installation Kit
1 x Remote Control (Without Battery)

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